Radio Feature: Venezuelans 'give away' now worthless bolivares on Medellin buses

In recent weeks here on Newshour, we've been reporting on the mass emigration from Venezuela - with more than 2 million people taking drastic steps to escape the high inflation, food, and medicine shortages. Many of the refugees have poured into neighbouring Colombia, a developing country that's still fighting drug cartels and guerrilla groups. So what are they doing once they get there? Victoria Stunt has been finding out.

Venezuelans sell sex in Colombia to survive

ON SATURDAY night in Parque Poblado in Medellín, young people gather to drink, smoke and chat. Barbara and her cousin Sophia have more serious business: they hope to make enough money from selling sex to live decently after fleeing Venezuela, where survival is a struggle. Barbara, who is 27, prefers her former occupation as the owner of a nail and hair business in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. But polish and shampoo are as hard to find as food and medicine, and so she has come to Medellín. In a

Many Colombians say price too high for peace deal with FARC

A man stands before a line of stopped traffic at an intersection in downtown Medellin, Colombia, and holds a sign high above his head. "If you're against FARC-Santos, HONK," the sign reads in Spanish. Dozens of cars sound their horns. The street's far louder than normal on a Saturday afternoon, as Colombians signify their disapproval with President Juan Manuel Santos' peace deal with the FARC, the guerrilla movement that has been fighting for the last 52 years. 

As Gen Y Turns From Religion, What's The Future Of Faith?

Emma Crawford seemed like a church girl. She attended youth group every Friday night and went to church on Sundays. She played drums, bass and guitar in the church band. But now, she says it was all a cover for being gay. Crawford came out to members of her Pentecostal church at 18. But instead of the support she sought from the community in Niagara Falls, Ont., she received a handful of hateful emails. One said they could not support her lifestyle. One told her she was turning away from God. Another said that she was slapping God in the face.